Before kids and becoming full-time travelers, our packing routine was as follows; rummage through the closet, throw every outfit I thought we would wear (even if it hadn’t been worn in years) in a large suitcase, then proceed to sit on said suitcase to force the zipper closed. For a typical one week vacation, I would pack enough to wear three different outfits each day. 

Two kids later and packing for a 6 month trip around Asia, I was very meticulous about what earned a spot in that same, yet now tiny, suitcase. I had to shop around to find clothes that would roll up to my standards and spent months finding those perfect outfits but somehow, I still managed to over-pack. I didn’t take into account all the little items we would be acquiring along the way and quickly realized, the kids don’t need as much as I thought.

Learning the Importance of Packing Light

After traveling around Asia for 6 months, going from place to place, hopping on planes, trains and busses, lugging around a large suitcase, a stroller, two backpacks and two small children everywhere we went, we learned the importance of packing as light as humanly possible. Luckily, there are companies out there that also know how important that is and are dedicated to making it easier for adventurous families! 

We recently had the opportunity to work with Ellie&Anders, a company that is passionate about making durable and sustainable clothing for active and adventurous children! All of the clothing from Ellie&Anders is made in the USA with a focus on using the toughest performance fabrics to create long-lasting outfits for your little one. 

When our package first arrived in the mail, we were shocked to see how tiny it was. I thought for sure they must have forgotten to ship some of our items, but nope, everything was there! We received both the girls and boys capsule. The girls capsule came with two pairs of leggings, an adorable purple dress (with pockets, yay) and a raglan shirt. The boys capsule contained two pairs of pants, one raglan tee and a long sleeve shirt. All the clothes are super lightweight and designed to be worn any time, whether that be on an adventure or just around the house.

Less is More

What we really love about Ellie&Anders is their dedication to the minimalistic idea that less is more. They believe that kids can be kids when they have less. Owning more takes up more energy and therefore, kids thrive when their wardrobes are simple and versatile. This minimalistic lifestyle also teaches our kids the importance of sustainability, something else Ellie&Anders is passionate about. To ensure they are doing everything they can to reduce the impact they have on the planet, all materials Ellie&Anders use are sourced from partners that are also committed to a sustainable future. 

Finding a New Home for the Clothes your Children have Outgrown

The founder of Ellie&Anders, Naomi Burton, has five kids of her own so she knows just how fast children can outgrow their clothes. Because of this, she has created the Rehome Program. When your child outgrows their capsule, they will rehome your old capsule to another child and you’ll get a discount on a new one. Such an amazing idea!

We have had these capsules for a couple of months now and I can honestly say, they are some of the best quality, most travel friendly and kid friendly clothes we’ve ever owned. So if you are looking to save space in your suitcase or just want clothing that will survive all those amazing adventures you plan to take, head over to their website and check them out!

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