We have always had this dream of one day converting a bus and exploring the country and after following the May family’s travels, we realize that we need to make that dream a reality! Head to their Instagram if you want to see some fun, amazing photos from all around the US!

Tell Us About Your Family!

We’re the May Family! Josh, Taylor, Paxton (age 8) & Parker (age 5). Before we started traveling I managed a podiatrist’s office, but now on the road I just get to be Mom. Josh is a Journeyman Lineman and his job is the reason we travel. We left our home almost 2 years ago to be on the road. A year in we sold our home and really embraced this full time thing. Our original plan was 2 years, or until we saved up enough money to buy our dream house, but now that we’ve hit that mark we don’t really have any intention of going home yet. So we’ll keep this up as long as we can!

What led you to the decision to become a traveling family?

Our motivation to travel was simple, we needed to be together more as a family. Josh has always traveled for work, for the last 9 years he’s been on the road. He would only come home on some weekends when he could. Sometimes we wouldn’t see him for months at a time. We’ve missed holidays together, he missed our second child being born, and truthfully I couldn’t be a single parent any longer. Finally we just had had enough and said let’s do it. Why were we waiting? Most of our friends and family were so supportive during our transition. We had a few who just didn’t understand, and that’s ok. But we still drive home and visit them frequently so the change wasn’t too bad for all of us.

What are some of the highs and/or lows of being a traveling family?

We slow travel so we aren’t going somewhere new all the time. We spend 4/12 months in one area which I think has been great for us, the kids especially. We don’t do anything internationally like some families but the kids and I do leave from our “home base” and road trip without the trailer for 2/4 weeks at a time. Our situation is pretty different than most travel families I’ve seen so far but we’ve really taken advantage of our circumstances.

Highs: Definitely having so much time together as a family! We’ve missed out on that in the past so we haven’t gotten sick of each other yet. Also, seeing all the new places and showing the kids how big this world really is. They’ve seen and experienced more before 10 than most have ever.

Lows: We have no family or friends to depend on for childcare if we want to go out together or have an appointment, things like that. Some days it’s hard being away from your support system in general. Although Josh’s job lets us travel it is also VERY demanding. We’re SUPER thankful we’re always together but he doesn’t get to experience the same trips and places that the kids as I do.

It’s always a give and take, so far our highs have always outweighed our lows. That’s why we’re still here!

What are some places you think every traveling family should visit? Are there any places you wouldn’t recommend?

So far we’ve done the whole west coast plus some and we haven’t found a location that we haven’t liked! We’re really big into seeing the National Parks and all the wild spaces that the US has available. Our favorites so far (if I have to pick, they’re all so good) have been Joshua Tree, Yellowstone and the Tetons.

What advice would you give to other families looking to take the leap into long term travel?

DO IT!! I haven’t met anyone that has regretted taking that chance. It’s such a great experience even if you just do it for a short time frame. There are a ton of resources for travel families here in the US if you plan on staying stateside in an RV. Check them out while you make a plan. This community is so encouraging so take advantage of it!

How do you afford to travel long term?

We are fortunate enough to have a steady income as we travel. I know that’s not always the case for travel families. Josh has been traveling forever and is the soul reason we get to do this. He builds power lines all over the country and can choose where and when to work so we know there is always opportunity for another paycheck. We feel very lucky in that aspect because I know it can be the hardest part about choosing this lifestyle.

Make sure you head to Meandering May’s Instagram and Facebook page to see more of their adventures!

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