I’m Andy, aka Daddio. It all started in 1985, in Summit County Colorado, but in thirty three years I’ve also lived in New York, Indiana, New Mexico, back to Colorado, North Carolina and finally back to New York. I think that because of all of this moving around, I’ve developed a social skill set that has been tailored perfectly to suit a world traveler!

I graduated high school in Las Cruces, New Mexico where I was very involved in the school’s media program, and played varsity soccer all four years. I moved three hours north after high school to Albuquerque where I attended the University of New Mexico. I graduated with a bachelors in Communication with an emphasis in cultural communication. I’ve always been interested in learning about how other cultures navigate the world, and this trip is giving me the opportunity to really experience that first hand.

After college I moved back to Colorado and lived in Denver for about 4 years. It was a really cool experience living downtown in a large, vibrant, and progressive city. Around the age of twenty five I really started feeling like it was time to grow up a bit so I headed to Wilmington, North Carolina to be closer to my family and start anew! It was in Wilmington that I met the women who would change everything for me. Eileen was the ‘hot’ server, and I was the ‘cool’ bartender and things were just bound to happen!! Our love story wasn’t exactly the most traditional, but neither are our plans to travel the world together.


Hi! I’m Eileen, aka Mama. I was born and raised in upstate New York. After high school, I did a short stint at Saint John’s University in Queens, New York before transferring to Keene State College in New Hampshire where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. After college, I moved to Wilmington, North Carolina which is where Andy and I met. When Andy and I relocated back to NY, I focused on starting a career in the social work field. I had a job that I loved but when our daughter came along, I knew I wanted to stay at home with her. So thanks to my husband’s hard work and support, I have been a Stay At Home Mom for the better part of almost 5 years!

I can’t remember exactly when I caught the travel bug but for as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in other cultures. My obsession with Thailand came at age 11, after my parents returned from their first trip there. I remember looking at their photo album and seeing photos of golden temples, monks smiling ear to ear and food that looked like nothing I had ever seen before. I knew that one day I needed to see those things for myself.

Anthony Bourdain said it best: “I remember the moment I first realized I’ve been living my whole life in black and white. It was like discovering a color I never knew existed before. A whole new crayon box full of colors, that was it for me. From then on, there was no putting the pieces back together. No going home. Things were different now. Asia had ruined me from my old life”.

This is exactly how I felt after my first trip to Thailand. I discovered a world that was so exciting and so full of life that it left me wanting more.


Hi, I’m Rowan aka Rosie! I am four years old but will be turning 5 on our trip! My favorite things to do are playing outside, singing, and anything that has to do with My Little Pony and coloring (hence the name, Crayons & Carry-Ons). I love coloring so much that I am going to be an artist when I grow up.

I can’t wait to go on our trip. I am super excited for the plane ride because I get to bring a lot of snacks, play with new toys and watch movies. Mommy and Daddy also told me that I will get to eat lots of ice cream while we are traveling so that’s what I am most excited for!

Follow along on our adventure to watch me try new foods, see cool places and make new friends! 




Hi, I’m Murphy, aka Moo Moo! I am currently 9 months old. Mama and Dadda can already tell I am going to be a great explorer because I find all the hidden areas, crawl under all the small spaces and I even find lots of treasures (Mama usually fishes them out of my mouth but I can sometimes sneak a piece or two). I am so excited to travel the world, mainly because I will get to see my Daddy all the time now and he will finally get to change half of all my diapers!  🙂

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We are your typical American family who decided life is too short to live in one place.

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  1. We met you last Wednesday at Longfellows in Saratoga Springs. You were our waiter and even sat down at our table to discuss you families new adventure. We are the ones who just purchased a new Airstream and are thinking about moving to the Saratoga Springs area. Enjoy your families adventure and if you have time keep us up to date.

  2. May God be with you all on this journey. A great undertaking and one you all will treasure all your life. I am enjoying your blog. Keep in touch. Love Annie Rain

  3. Love looking at all your vlogs. I don’t know
    if your Mom told you that I worked for Pan Am for 10 years and travelled alot. Although I never made it to Southeast Asia. The kids are just wonderful and watching them is such a joy. I will keep tuning in!
    I think of your Mom and Dad often and miss my Auntie Joanie like crazy. Have fun and my best to Andy.

    Aunt Pat

  4. I always have wondered when young families sell everything and travel what do you do about health insurance? Also now that you are heading back to the US what are your plans. Do you have a place to live?

    1. Hi Jamie! That is a really important question. Some people take the risk of traveling without insurance but that was out of the question for us so we purchased travel insurance that covers the length of the trip! Not only does the insurance cover delays, lost baggage and other travel scenarios, it also covers us for anything medical we could possibly need. We have heard too many horror stories to ever travel without good insurance. We have been back now for 3 weeks and were able to stay with family while we searched for a place to rent and we just moved in last week. Getting insurance back was a little trickier but we were able to purchase a plan through the marketplace!

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